Sunday, January 30, 2011

Always Learning

Lots of great things have been lately.My buddy Chris right now is teaching me how to play the Guitar and I'm really excited because I have always wanted to learn, let alone learn how to play an instrument. I'm learning how to play "Lucky" by Jason Mraz. Great song. And then after that I want to carry on to learn Superman by Joe Brooks then on to Jack Johnson songs when I get better. So I will have to update you guys on how well my improvement is going :p

Another great thing that happened today is my friend Danielle who you guys know if you have read my earlier blogs, had her photo-shoot today for her album cover she is currently producing. I thought it went great today. You can check out some of my photos on Jouwsma Photography on facebook. But her is a glimpse of what this photo-shoot entailed.    

That's all I really have for today, I just wanted to leave off with one thought. Life is about learning, its not about being perfect, its not about trying to prove a point, its just about learning with what you got and make the best out of it.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trying to Define

So as a new has come, my friends Danielle and I have been studying all, being quite productive might I add. Anyways, she reminded me of something today and I didn't realize this until now. When you look at someone what do you think? We automatically judge, and most of the time it's negative. Either we like it or not, we all do. I remember Danielle saying to, I wish when we look at someone we try to define something good about someone, not the bad. Because we truly don't know them until you meet them. So for anyone reading this try to think of something nice about someone when you look at them instead of the bad. maybe doing this we can make this world a better place one step at a time.
On this topic, for House Council we had a little task we had to do for one week, until our net meeting. What it was, is we picked names out of a hat and who's ever name we got we had to do something nice for them or just say something nice to make them feel good and to know they aren't alone. So I got to thinking why can't we all do this at anytime?
Just something to think about in the future.. If you ever see someone down, make them feel wanted, makes them feel good and yourself feel good too.  

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sometimes life will Kick you in the Ass.

Despite the title of my blog today, it was still a good day today. Believe it or not haha.
So today, I slept in, and it was amazing. I rarely get the chance to sleep in now these days. But after a full day of rest our House Council of our residence, we all went to Laser Quest. Now I haven't been since like grade 6, and I hardly don't remember it. Going back today was great, so much fun. It helps as well that I was with the greatest MoosePack House Council ever. Moose is the animal of our residence, for the ones who didn't know. On the down side of Laser Quest is that I still suck. Although my friend Ethan and I teamed up and dominated a section of the game, and I loved my nickname, The Situation. :p
So anyways for the part why Life can kick you in the ass. Today when we got back from Laser Quest, my roommates for next year and I found out that the landlord for our house next year sold the house to a family instead. Oh and we were signing our lease tomorrow.Kinda gutty move I think. So now were looking at places again and got some places lined up for this week. But on the positive side, well I'm trying to think is, that everything happens for a reason, so I'm sure something will come along greater than that house.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Family is Key

So in Sociology today we were on the topic of Socialization and how we began to socialize in our economy today and how we learned it. To me, I thought family teaches you everything. Your parents and family have been with you right from the beginning. Your family teaches you what to do what not to do. They'll always be there for you in highs or lows. And I feel in this generation people forget what the true meaning of what family is, and I'm going to lie I do sometimes too. We all do. I just wanted to take this chance (while I'm on this topic) to just appreciate my parents, especially my mom. No matter what she has my side, always will back me up, accept for who I am and what I do. I never really think about how much she actually does for me and I thought I really should start doing that more. For the people reading this, the next time you get into a fight or argument with your parents over something really stupid or dumb and not worth it just think about how much you love each other and how much they have done for you, because in all reality they are the people in your life who will always there for you. Always.

Love you mom.  

Try Your Best

Interesting events have happened since my last blog, I can say confidently. Yesterday I realized how tough school was getting again. I know from last term I knew it was tough and stressful, but it hit me again. Just feels like something was getting on me, not even just the school work, just everything around me. I have a friend who I love to death here at Laurier, (I have a lot of friends who I love too, don't get me wrong) but this friend, she just inspires me. When I see her, she is always smiling and just puts a smile on your face. Expect yesterday. I ran into her and I could tell something was wrong. So I asked her if everything is okay. She told me that school was getting to her and she just feels really stressed out. And I told her I was too and shes not in the same boat, and she immediately worried about me, and she told me, just try your best, to your bestest and always look up. This is why I love her, she has this great advice, and always is by my side. And I wish i had said this to her, use this for yourself! She works so hard, tries to please everyone. I want her to know everyone loves you! So I just wanted to say this for everyone reading this. Try your best in life, if your ever feeling down, just think of something that makes you happy or motivates you. Because life is too short to be down.
Also for anyone reading this, my friend who I am talking about is a great artist and is trying to promote her music, so here is her website and listen! Its great.
 Danielle, go for your what you want, because dreams do come true. Love ya :)

So onto the daily updates on the Condom game. I got no other condoms yet, still got 3 plus mine. But I honestly think the game is dying down already, no one asks anymore got your condom? I think people are just too busy now with midterms on the go. Its just a little upsetting because I wish our floor would be more involved with each other. Because everyone on our floor is amazing in their own ways, we don't do things together as a floor anymore as we used to. Just a little disappointing. Hope to see that change soon! ha  One thing everyone showed up for was out Hot Dog Eating contest, and I'm pretty sure I talked about this earlier,

but it was intense. Picture shows it all...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finally Getting It.

So today's update on the condom contest.. getting pretty competitive, for some of us, including me.
So my floor mate I had had a little incident yesterday and you guys can tell me what you think.
So yesterday, my floor mate wrote on my door, do you have your condom? Knowing it was him, but when i opened my door, I read the message and the condom was on my desk, so i went to go get it and and went out in the hall and said yes. By then he was at the bathroom door, and he asked me did I have when I read the door, I replied, no. But I was understood, the person had to ask you personally. For some reason he believes that is personal. So we said we would talk to our don who is running this contest to see what she says. Today comes along, I was gone all day but I came back to res for a quick second to get my stuff for studying since I have a midterm tomorrow. But after I got my stuff, I ran into him, and he said he talked to our res and said that she said it was legit. I still disagreed, I would rather talk to her myself, than believing him haha. kidding bro ish. So we had a little argument and another floor mate was getting a kick out of it, and im sure she will read this, cause she even said her self, "if I had a blog, I would write about this" and I said I had a blog and I had to write about it now haha. So this situation still hasn't been resolved, but im thinking of giving up and just giving him my condoms since I have 4 now including mine.

It was also a good day today, had class all day, slept through one of them, apparently I bite one of my fingers while sleeping, something new I learned haha, but today I was studying for Psych and Economics, and I had no clue what the hell i'm doing in Economics, luckily there was an SI Session today (Student Help) and I went tonight, and it actually helped! So i'm deciding to go every week or every Tuesday to help me, since it could improve my mark. Fingers crossed.

So i'm gonna get back to studying for this midterm tomorrow and listen to my Jack Johnson play list!

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Photography

In my last blog, I got to start thinking I could talk about my Photography on here too. I enjoy it like no other, I haven't done much of my photography since the summer, only cause of school though. I like doing the scenic shots, but more on models. I try to get my inspirations from outside or someone. Anyways I'll add some photos and hopefully you guys can tell me what you think. :)

If you would like to see my full profile, you can go to my fan page on Facebook; Jouwsma Photography

Got a condom!

Got my first condom today! Technically two, but the first one was more thrilling, and the fact its the first one I got in the competition. So I was walking to the bathroom, and saw one of my floor mates if he had he condom. He replied "yeah, its in my wallet" without showing me, so i started to move along, then i thought, he actually didn't show me. So i asked him again and for proof ha and blew his bluff. I was quite thrilled.

Also today, people can be really nice, I was at Dining Hall, (cafe at Laurier) and I went to go pay for my food, but I forgot my wallet at home, and I couldn't pay for my meal. But this young women was behind and said she would pay for me, and I said no thats okay, but she insisted. Just shows to prove that people can be really nice and that one day I should pay it forward to.. Maybe, for who ever is reading this, just try to do one good deed a day, its amazing how well it could make you feel.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Attempts

So I'm attempting something new, having my own blog.
Now I know, in your own blog you talk about your life and what interesting happened today or what interesting happened recently. Honestly, I really don't think my life is that interesting, but I thought I would give this a shot because I got a little bored. See already you can tell my life, not so interesting. But I'm gonna tell you guys what interesting that happened today, that i think is.

On our floor here at school (Laurier) in our res, we have this new game were all playing and it's getting pretty competitive already so its getting kinda funny. Do you have your condom? Pretty much what the game is each person has a condom, and your suppose to have it on you at ALL times. No matter where, what your doing. You have it on you. So then someone from your floor can ask you, do you have your condom? And if you do then you just proceed, but then if you don't your suppose to give your condom to that person and your eliminated from the game. It's just funny to hear every 2 seconds, you have your condom? I'm sure it will get annoying soon haha. Then in 2 weeks who ever has the most amount of condoms wins! Apparently there is a prize too, but its a secret, so ill have to keep you posted on that.  

Then after the meeting, of my floor mates is trying to loose weight, but in my opinion she doesn't need too. But it is kinda nice because she gave away all her candy and junk food to us, and she gave me Lindor chocolates, which are my fav. So that was pretty much the highlight of my day, not gonna lie.

Hope for who ever does read this thinks this is interesting and I can bring more interesting things later haha.