Thursday, January 27, 2011

Try Your Best

Interesting events have happened since my last blog, I can say confidently. Yesterday I realized how tough school was getting again. I know from last term I knew it was tough and stressful, but it hit me again. Just feels like something was getting on me, not even just the school work, just everything around me. I have a friend who I love to death here at Laurier, (I have a lot of friends who I love too, don't get me wrong) but this friend, she just inspires me. When I see her, she is always smiling and just puts a smile on your face. Expect yesterday. I ran into her and I could tell something was wrong. So I asked her if everything is okay. She told me that school was getting to her and she just feels really stressed out. And I told her I was too and shes not in the same boat, and she immediately worried about me, and she told me, just try your best, to your bestest and always look up. This is why I love her, she has this great advice, and always is by my side. And I wish i had said this to her, use this for yourself! She works so hard, tries to please everyone. I want her to know everyone loves you! So I just wanted to say this for everyone reading this. Try your best in life, if your ever feeling down, just think of something that makes you happy or motivates you. Because life is too short to be down.
Also for anyone reading this, my friend who I am talking about is a great artist and is trying to promote her music, so here is her website and listen! Its great.
 Danielle, go for your what you want, because dreams do come true. Love ya :)

So onto the daily updates on the Condom game. I got no other condoms yet, still got 3 plus mine. But I honestly think the game is dying down already, no one asks anymore got your condom? I think people are just too busy now with midterms on the go. Its just a little upsetting because I wish our floor would be more involved with each other. Because everyone on our floor is amazing in their own ways, we don't do things together as a floor anymore as we used to. Just a little disappointing. Hope to see that change soon! ha  One thing everyone showed up for was out Hot Dog Eating contest, and I'm pretty sure I talked about this earlier,

but it was intense. Picture shows it all...

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