Friday, January 28, 2011

Sometimes life will Kick you in the Ass.

Despite the title of my blog today, it was still a good day today. Believe it or not haha.
So today, I slept in, and it was amazing. I rarely get the chance to sleep in now these days. But after a full day of rest our House Council of our residence, we all went to Laser Quest. Now I haven't been since like grade 6, and I hardly don't remember it. Going back today was great, so much fun. It helps as well that I was with the greatest MoosePack House Council ever. Moose is the animal of our residence, for the ones who didn't know. On the down side of Laser Quest is that I still suck. Although my friend Ethan and I teamed up and dominated a section of the game, and I loved my nickname, The Situation. :p
So anyways for the part why Life can kick you in the ass. Today when we got back from Laser Quest, my roommates for next year and I found out that the landlord for our house next year sold the house to a family instead. Oh and we were signing our lease tomorrow.Kinda gutty move I think. So now were looking at places again and got some places lined up for this week. But on the positive side, well I'm trying to think is, that everything happens for a reason, so I'm sure something will come along greater than that house.

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