Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finally Getting It.

So today's update on the condom contest.. getting pretty competitive, for some of us, including me.
So my floor mate I had had a little incident yesterday and you guys can tell me what you think.
So yesterday, my floor mate wrote on my door, do you have your condom? Knowing it was him, but when i opened my door, I read the message and the condom was on my desk, so i went to go get it and and went out in the hall and said yes. By then he was at the bathroom door, and he asked me did I have when I read the door, I replied, no. But I was understood, the person had to ask you personally. For some reason he believes that is personal. So we said we would talk to our don who is running this contest to see what she says. Today comes along, I was gone all day but I came back to res for a quick second to get my stuff for studying since I have a midterm tomorrow. But after I got my stuff, I ran into him, and he said he talked to our res and said that she said it was legit. I still disagreed, I would rather talk to her myself, than believing him haha. kidding bro ish. So we had a little argument and another floor mate was getting a kick out of it, and im sure she will read this, cause she even said her self, "if I had a blog, I would write about this" and I said I had a blog and I had to write about it now haha. So this situation still hasn't been resolved, but im thinking of giving up and just giving him my condoms since I have 4 now including mine.

It was also a good day today, had class all day, slept through one of them, apparently I bite one of my fingers while sleeping, something new I learned haha, but today I was studying for Psych and Economics, and I had no clue what the hell i'm doing in Economics, luckily there was an SI Session today (Student Help) and I went tonight, and it actually helped! So i'm deciding to go every week or every Tuesday to help me, since it could improve my mark. Fingers crossed.

So i'm gonna get back to studying for this midterm tomorrow and listen to my Jack Johnson play list!

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