Monday, January 24, 2011

Got a condom!

Got my first condom today! Technically two, but the first one was more thrilling, and the fact its the first one I got in the competition. So I was walking to the bathroom, and saw one of my floor mates if he had he condom. He replied "yeah, its in my wallet" without showing me, so i started to move along, then i thought, he actually didn't show me. So i asked him again and for proof ha and blew his bluff. I was quite thrilled.

Also today, people can be really nice, I was at Dining Hall, (cafe at Laurier) and I went to go pay for my food, but I forgot my wallet at home, and I couldn't pay for my meal. But this young women was behind and said she would pay for me, and I said no thats okay, but she insisted. Just shows to prove that people can be really nice and that one day I should pay it forward to.. Maybe, for who ever is reading this, just try to do one good deed a day, its amazing how well it could make you feel.

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