Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Attempts

So I'm attempting something new, having my own blog.
Now I know, in your own blog you talk about your life and what interesting happened today or what interesting happened recently. Honestly, I really don't think my life is that interesting, but I thought I would give this a shot because I got a little bored. See already you can tell my life, not so interesting. But I'm gonna tell you guys what interesting that happened today, that i think is.

On our floor here at school (Laurier) in our res, we have this new game were all playing and it's getting pretty competitive already so its getting kinda funny. Do you have your condom? Pretty much what the game is each person has a condom, and your suppose to have it on you at ALL times. No matter where, what your doing. You have it on you. So then someone from your floor can ask you, do you have your condom? And if you do then you just proceed, but then if you don't your suppose to give your condom to that person and your eliminated from the game. It's just funny to hear every 2 seconds, you have your condom? I'm sure it will get annoying soon haha. Then in 2 weeks who ever has the most amount of condoms wins! Apparently there is a prize too, but its a secret, so ill have to keep you posted on that.  

Then after the meeting, of my floor mates is trying to loose weight, but in my opinion she doesn't need too. But it is kinda nice because she gave away all her candy and junk food to us, and she gave me Lindor chocolates, which are my fav. So that was pretty much the highlight of my day, not gonna lie.

Hope for who ever does read this thinks this is interesting and I can bring more interesting things later haha.

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