Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trying to Define

So as a new has come, my friends Danielle and I have been studying all, being quite productive might I add. Anyways, she reminded me of something today and I didn't realize this until now. When you look at someone what do you think? We automatically judge, and most of the time it's negative. Either we like it or not, we all do. I remember Danielle saying to, I wish when we look at someone we try to define something good about someone, not the bad. Because we truly don't know them until you meet them. So for anyone reading this try to think of something nice about someone when you look at them instead of the bad. maybe doing this we can make this world a better place one step at a time.
On this topic, for House Council we had a little task we had to do for one week, until our net meeting. What it was, is we picked names out of a hat and who's ever name we got we had to do something nice for them or just say something nice to make them feel good and to know they aren't alone. So I got to thinking why can't we all do this at anytime?
Just something to think about in the future.. If you ever see someone down, make them feel wanted, makes them feel good and yourself feel good too.  

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